How we work

Our Process

Armed with an understanding of your business and your plans, we bring you through
our 3 step process to help you to grow your business and be successful.

process 1
Your books, Up to date

Small businesses typically have accounting backlogs or inaccurate accounting information. As the old adage goes, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. We will first get your books up to date using Xero, prepare and submit your outstanding tax returns. If we are appointed as your company secretary, we will also help to get your ACRA Annual Returns up to date. We can also ‘clean up’ your books for more accurate accounting information.  

Going forward, with us as your bookkeeper, you will receive better, faster information.

process 2
Apps for your business

There are many business apps that can make your business more efficient and more productive. With the right apps, it means you spend less time on mundane adminstrative work, get important things done faster, having your customer’s information at your fingertips, obtain information anytime, anywhere, online and more.

We have researched, tried and selected the best of breed apps and online apps available. There is an app for whatever challenge you might face, be it inventory control, POS, staff scheduling, customer relationship management, customer loyalty tracking and so on.

process 3 (1)
Gain insights into your business

With your books up to date and accurate, appropriate apps in place, we can then implement dashboards KPI measurements and monitoring.

We can help develop a Business Plan, Wealth /Legacy planning to put your business in the right track for investor funding, passing it on to the next generation or to sell the company.