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Time is the most essential resource in business. Through our booking keeping services in Singapore, YYC serves your bookkeeping needs with Xero accounting software and their partner software to ensure relevant data for management is captured, and financial statements are compliant with regulatory requirements.

Singapore Accounting Outsourcing

Bookkeeping services

They key benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting function to us is we provide: – 

As business owners, cost savings is essential in management. Hence, they should be asking themselves – “What can we do with the time, mind space and resources saved from maintaining and managing bookkeeping with an internal team, or for most SMEs, by the business owners themselves?”

Maintaining an accounting team requires resources and time for business owners. One of the key challenges of workplaces in the 21st century is staff turnover, which entails retaining staff with experience, managing knowledge transfers, ensuring no information is lost and relevant processes are intact. These are valuable, time and opportunity costs for business owners, if not managed well.

Outsourcing bookkeeping services will provide business owners more time and resources to secure business opportunities. We take care of your bookkeeping needs with qualified accountants that will provide you financials that are timely, accurate, and regulatory compliant. At YYC,we work with business owners to ensure they obtain the financial information required to manage their business, and with Xero accounting software, they can review the financial information anytime, anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Question

Accounting is a record of all your business activities, assets and liabilities. Whenever there is income or spending, when you receive or spend money, your bookkeeper records these activities in the books. Your accountant builds reports using these numbers which will form your accounts required by the government to prepare financial statements in accordance to the accounting standards, calculate and submit taxes to IRAS, prepare and file annual returns to ACRA.

Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS), which is similar to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), both based on accrual-based accounting where transactions are recognized when they happen, and not when cash is received or paid. Accounts prepared for Singapore companies must comply with SFRS requirements under the Companies Act (Cap. 50). It is the responsibility of the directors to ensure compliance with the Companies Act.

We help businesses in Singapore with a full range of accounting and tax services. This includes outsourced accounting services, daily bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, preparation of ECI and corporate tax reports and returns, XBRL (full and highlights). In addition, we can help you to apply for GST, and submit regular GST returns for GST-registered companies. If there are special requirements, please contact us our Accountants, who will be glad to assist you.

Agere is a fully digitalized cloud accounting firm. You can send your documents to us digitally via our mobile app (just take a photo), or email directly to our platform using a unique email address assigned to you – so we will always know that the documents are for your company. You can even provide the email address to your regular suppliers. (No more spending time scouring through emails to compile or forward the invoices to us). Contact us and we will take care of the rest!

Every company requires financial accounting for the purpose of ensuring their company’s financials are up to date for required annual filings complying to the laws of Singapore.

Accounting service relieves you from the time and effort required for bookkeeping to ensure your financial records are up to date. In addition, timely accounts allow you to have an overview of your business’ financial position and business metrics that will help you make better business decisions.

Accounting outsourcing is a process of hiring a service provider for the maintenance of your accounts through bookkeeping ensuring the financial transactions of your business is recorded promptly and accurately.

There is varying range in terms of cost for outsourcing bookkeeping, this depends on the time and quality of work the service provider aims to deliver for you. Find out more about our packages here.

he benefits of an accounting system are it provides a framework for the entry of financial data, ensures the safety of your financial data, compiles your financial data into reports in a glimpse, and has capabilities to integrate with other business software that can provide more actionable insights for your business. We use Xero accounting software in the provision of our accounting services, find out more here.

The main benefit to hiring a bookkeeping service is there is a professional accountant that can oversee your accounting and bookkeeping needs, where they take care of your backend finances ensuring your financial records are timely, accurate and compliant while you as a business owner can focus on revenue generating activities, securing more sales. SMEs usually faces difficulties hiring and retaining good accounting staff. By engaging us as your outsourced accounting firm, we will be assigned to a dedicated accountant who is part of a team. In the event the accountant leaves our firm, a fellow team member will take over your accounts making it a smooth transition.

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